If I sign up 10 people, how much money do I make?

It depends on the account they choose. Since there are three different types of accounts, you will make anywhere from 10 x $60 ($600) to 10 x $120 ($1,200) on your first 10 referrals! That means you don't have to do any formal marketing. Just by telling your friends, colleagues, co-workers or anyone who would enjoy using our services that signs up with your affiliate link or coupon codes you get paid. Even more so, after your first 10 sales, you jump up from 20% in commissions to 30%! That means on your next 10 sales you will earn an ADDITIONAL 10 x $90 ($900) to 10 x $180 ($1,800)! Finally, after you've made your first 20 sales you are then bumped up to our MAXIMUM commission level which earns 50% (yes half of the entire sale) in commissions on each and every single sale thereafter! Thus, you will earn 10 x $150 ($1,500) to 10 x $300 ($3,000) on those next 10 sales! So in just 30 sales you could make anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000! That is assuming none of these people sign up for an affiliate account themselves, which could earn you EVEN MORE money. Word of mouth really pays off, huh? Now imagine what happens when you turn this into a part-time or even full-time self run gig?! We've already built the website and the technology, we've done all the hard work. Build it and they will come as the saying goes :-)! Some of our best affiliates have been able to sign up their entire office of 100+ people in one shot and have rightfully earned 10's of thousands of dollars!