Abbreviation Meaning(s) Category
one-half or ss one-half Measurement
one one Measurement
without without Other
a.a., aa of each Measurement
a.c. Before food, before meals Time
a.d. Right ear Route of Administration
a.m. Morning Time
a.s., a.l. Left ear Route of Administration
a.u. Each ear Route of Administration
ad to, up to Measurement
aq, aqua Water Drug form
aq. ad add water up to Measurement
b.i.d., bid Twice a day Time
c With Other
caps Capsules Drug form
cm Cream Drug form
dil. dilute Measurement
disp. Dispense Other
div. divide Measurement
elix. Elixir Drug form
f, fl. Fluid Measurement
f, ft. Make, Let it be made Other
fl. oz. Fluid ounce Measurement
g., G., gm. Gram Measurement
gtt. Drop Measurement
h Hour, at the hour of Time
h.s. At bedtime Time
i.m., IM Intramuscular Route of Administration
i.v., IV Intravenous Route of Administration
i.v.p., IVP Intravenous push Route of Administration
inj. Injection Route of Administration
IVPB Intravenous piggyback Route of Administration
l, L Liter/Litre Measurement
liq. Liquid Drug form
mcg. Microgram Measurement
mEq milliequivalent Measurement
mg. Milligram Measurement
ml., mL Milliliter/Millilitre Measurement
NR No refill Other
o.d. Right eye Route of Administration
o.s., o.l. Left eye Route of Administration
o.u. Each eye Route of Administration
p.c. After food, after meals Time
p.m. Afternoon, evening Time
p.o. By mouth Route of Administration
p.r. Rectally Route of Administration
p.r.n., prn As needed Time
p.v. Vaginally Route of Administration
per neb By nebulizer Route of Administration
q each, every Time
q.d. Every day Time
q.h. Every hour Time
q.i.d., qid Four times a day Time
q.s. A sufficient quantity Measurement
q.s. ad Add sufficient quantity to make Measurement
qod Every other day Time
S.L. Sublingually, under the tongue Route of Administration
SC, subc, subq Subcutaneously Route of Administration
sig. Label, write Other
SR, XR, XL Slow/Extended release Drug form
Stat. Immediately Time
supp. Suppository Drug form
syr. Syrup Drug form
t.i.d., tid Three times a day Time
tab. Tablet Drug form
tbsp. Tablespoon Measurement
top. Topically Route of Administration
tsp. Teaspoon Measurement
ung., oint. Ointment Drug form
ut dict., u.d. As directed Other

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