Suffix Meaning(s)
ac pertaining to
al pertaining to
algia pain
ar pertaining to
ary pertaining to
asthenia without strength
cele hernia, pouching
cyesis pregnancy
cynia pain
eal pertaining to
ectasis dilation, expansion
ectomy removal
emia blood condition
genic origin, production
gram record
graph recording instrument
graphy recording process
ia condition of
iasis condition, formation of
iatry treatment
ic pertaining to
icle small
ism condition of
itis inflammation
ium tissue
lith stone
logy study of
malacia softening
megaly enlargement
meter measuring instrument
metry measuring process
mycosis fungal infection
oi resembling
ole small
oma tumor
opia vision
opsia vision
osis abnormal condition
osmia smell
ous pertaining to
paresis partial paralysis
pathy disease
penia decrease
phagia swalloing
phasia speech
philia attraction for
phobia fear
plasia formation
plasty surgical reconstruction
plegia paralysis, stroke
rrhage to burst forth
rrhea discharge
sclerosis narrowing, constriction
scope examination instrument
scopy examination
spasm involuntary contraction
stasis stand, stop
tic pertaining to
tocia childbirth, labor
tomy incision
toxic posion
tropic stimulate
ula small
ule smell
y condition, process of

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