Abbreviation Meaning
AQ Water
Aqua Dist Distilled Water
Caps Capsules
D5W Dextrose 5% in Water
DPI Dry Powder Inhaler
DW Distilled Water
ELIX Elixir
GTT Drop
H2O Water
LIQ Liquid
MDI Metered Dose Inhaler
NS Normal Saline
SOL Solution
SOLN Solution
SUPP Suppository
SUSP Suspension
SYR Syrup
TAB Tablet
TINCT Tincture
TR Tincture
U Unit
UD Unit Dose
UNG Ointment

List of common dosage form abbreviations for PTCB & ExCPT provided by PharmacyTechnicianToday.com for pharmacy technicians and pharmacists.

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