Root Meaning(s) System
acous hearing Hearing
acusis hearing condition Hearing
aden gland Lymphatic
adip fat Integumentary
adrena adrenal Endocrine
aer air Respiratory
aero gas Respiratory
albumin protein Urinary Tract
andr male Male Reproductive
angi vessel Cardiovascular
aort aorta Cardiovascular
arthr joint Skeletal
audi hearing Hearing
balan glans penis Male Reproductive
blephar eyelid Vision
bronch bronchus Respiratory
capn carbon dioxide Respiratory
card heart Cardiovascular
carp wrist Skeletal
cerebr cerebrum Nervous
cerumin wax-like, waxy Hearing
chol bile Gastrointestinal
chondr cartilage Muscular
col colon Gastrointestinal
cor pupil Vision
crani cranium Skeletal
cutane skin Integumentary
cyst bladder Urinary Tract
cyt cell Lymphatic
dacry, lacrim tear, tear duct Vision
dactyl finger or toe Skeletal
dementio to be mad Nervous
derma skin Integumentary
duoden duodenum Gastrointestinal
encephal brain Nervous
enter intestine Gastrointestinal
esophag esophagus Gastrointestinal
esthesi sensation Nervous
femor thigh bone Skeletal
fibr fiber Muscular
fibul small, outer lower leg bone Skeletal
gastr stomach Gastrointestinal
glyc sugar Endocrine
gynec woman Female Reproductive
hemat, hemo blood Lymphatic
hepat liver Gastrointestinal
hist tissue Integumentary
humer humerus Skeletal
hyster uterus Female Reproductive
iri, irid iris Vision
kerat hard Integumentary
lact milk Female Reproductive
lapar abdomen Gastrointestinal
laryng larynx Respiratory
lipid fat Endocrine
lymph lymph Lymphatic
mamm breast Female Reproductive
mast breast Female Reproductive
mast breast Integumentary
mening meninges Nervous
metr uterus Female Reproductive
my muscle Muscular
myel spinal cord Nervous
myring eardrum Hearing
nasal nose Respiratory
necr death (cells, body) Integumentary
nephr kidney Endocrine
nephr kidney Urinary Tract
neur nerve Nervous
ocul eye Vision
onych nail Integumentary
ophthalm eye Vision
orchid, test testicle, testis Male Reproductive
oste bone Skeletal
ot ear Hearing
ovari ovary Female Reproductive
ox oxygen Respiratory
oxy oxygen Cardiovascular
pancreat pancreas Endocrine
pancreat pancreas Gastrointestinal
patell kneecap Skeletal
pector chest Cardiovascular
pector chest Respiratory
ped, pod foot Skeletal
pelv pelvis Skeletal
phalang bones of fingers and toes Skeletal
phleb vein Cardiovascular
pneum air, lung Respiratory
prostat prostate gland Male Reproductive
pulmon lung Respiratory
rachi spinal chord, vertebrae Skeletal
ren kidney Urinary Tract
retin retina Vision
salping fallopian tube Female Reproductive
salping eustachian tube Hearing
sinus sinus Respiratory
somat body Endocrine
sperm sperm Male Reproductive
splen spleen Lymphatic
spondy backbone, vertebrae Skeletal
stenosis narrowing Cardiovascular
stern breastbone, sternum Skeletal
tendin tendon Muscular
thromb clot Cardiovascular
thromb clot Lymphatic
thym thymus Endocrine
thym thymus Lymphatic
tibi large lower leg bone Skeletal
toc birth Female Reproductive
tympan eardrum Hearing
ureter ureter Urinary Tract
urethr urethra Urinary Tract
uria urination, urine Urinary Tract
uter uterine Female Reproductive
vas duct, vessel Male Reproductive
vas(cu) blood vessel Cardiovascular
ven vein Cardiovascular
vesic bladder Urinary Tract
vesicul seminal vescles Male Reproductive

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