To convert to Fahrenheit from Celsius use the following formula:

$$^\circ\text{Fahrenheit} = (^\circ\text{Celsius} \times 1.8) + 32$$

To convert to Celsius from Fahrenheit use the following formula:

$$^\circ\text{Celsius} = (^\circ\text{Fahrenheit} – 32) \div 1.8$$

It’s important to know how to convert between the Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales because refrigeration and handling instructions for medications may come in either format. If you’re in the USA, the temperature scale you see most often on TV is the Fahrenheit scale. It is commonly used to measure the temperature outside in weather forecasts. For example, when the meteorologist says it will be 80 degrees outside, they are saying it will be 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside. If it was 80 degrees Celsius outside you would certainly not want to be out there!

Let’s look at some examples (rounded to tenths place):

80.1 degrees C to F

$$^\circ \text{F} = (80.1^\circ\text{C} \times 1.8) + 32 = (144.18) + 32 = 176.2^\circ\text{F}$$

36 degrees F to C

$$^\circ \text{C} = (36^\circ\text{F} – 32) \div 1.8 = (4) \div 1.8 = 2.2^\circ\text{C}$$

Now try solving these on your own (round to tenths place):

98.6 degrees F to C

11.1 degrees C to F

46 degrees F to C

2,000 degrees C to F

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