PTCB Recertification

Applying for Recertification (R2)

The fee to recertify is $40. CPhTs can apply for recertification beginning 100 days prior to the certification expiration date. Applications should be submitted at least 30 days prior to the expiration date (the ‘renew by date’) to ensure adequate time for processing. Example: If your certification expires on July 31, 2013, the earliest you can submit your recertification application is April 22, 2013. To allow adequate time for processing, the latest you should submit your application is July 1, 2013. CPhTs apply online from within their PTCB Account.

About Recertification (R2)

Certified Pharmacy Technicians (CPhTs) are required to recertify every two years to maintain certification. PTCB’s recertification requirements correspond with the bi-annual renewal schedule for professional pharmacist licensure as governed by State Boards of Pharmacy. Some employers and/or State Boards of Pharmacy require CPhTs to maintain their PTCB certification. The purpose of recertification is to ensure that pharmacy technicians stay up-to-date in pharmacy practice through the completion of Continuing Education (CE).

Continuing Education Requirements (R2)

Certificants must complete a minimum of twenty hours of continuing education in pharmacy-related subject matter during each two-year recertification cycle. For recertification candidates, at least one hour must be in the subject of pharmacy law, and for reinstatement candidates, two of the twenty hours must be in the subject of pharmacy law. A maximum of fifteen hours may be earned by completing a relevant college course with a grade of “C” or better. A maximum of ten hours may be earned by completing in-service projects.

Approved Activities (R2)

PTCB has determined that all CE providers accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) satisfy the requirement of pertaining to pharmacy-related subject matter.

Pharmacy-related subject matter includes these topics (R2)

  • Medication Distribution
  • Inventory Control Systems
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Pharmaceuticals Sciences
  • Pharmacy Law
  • Pharmacology/Drug Therapy
  • Roles and Duties of Pharmacy Technicians


R2 = – Certification Guidelines and Requirements: A Candidate Guidebook

ExCPT Recertification

Application (R3)

Because of the rapid changes in health care, new drug treatments and technology, pharmacy technicians must keep up to date. Therefore, the ExCPT Certification Governing Committee has determined that certification must be renewed every two years.

During the two-year period prior to recertification, certified pharmacy technicians must participate in at least 20 hours of continuing education (CE), including at least one hour of pharmacy law. Additional CE credits earned cannot be carried over to the next recertification period. NHA reserves the right to reject credits not deemed applicable to pharmacy technician practice. To recertify, technicians must use the NHA ExCPT Recertification Application Form, which is available on the website, and send it to NHA along with full payment by the postmark deadline.

Application Fee (R3)

The recertification fee is $40. The fee may be paid by check or credit card. Certified technicians will be allowed to recertify up to 90 days after expiration of their certification but cannot include CE credit earned during this grace period. After this 90-day grace period, technicians will lose their certification status. Certified technicians who fail to recertify on time may be able to have their certification reinstated within 12 months of their expiration date. Please see the following section on reinstatement. Checks returned for insufficient funds will be charged a $25 administrative fee.

Applications may be filed by one of four ways (R3)

  1. Online at
  2. By Fax at 1-913-661-6214
  3. By Regular Mail: NHA, 11161 Overbrook Road, Leawood KS, 66211
  4. By Email at

Acceptable Topics (R3)

To be approved, CE credit must be related to pharmacy technician practice and must include at least one hour of pharmacy law per two-year certification period. NHA reserves the right to reject credits not deemed applicable to pharmacy technician practice.

Certificates of Participation must be obtained for each CE program.

This certificate must include (R3)

  • Participant’s Name
  • Date of the Program
  • Name of the Sponsor(Note: ACPE accredits CE providers; it is not a CE providerand should not be listed as the name of the sponsor)
  • Program Title
  • Number of Contact Hours
  • Signature of a Person Responsible for the Program

ExCPT Recertification Continued

Acceptable topics include, but are not limited to (R3)

  • Drug Distribution
  • Managed Health Care
  • Therapeutic Issues
  • Communications
  • Pharmacy Operations
  • Calculations
  • Drug Repackaging
  • Inventory Control
  • Drug Products
  • Patient Interaction
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Prescription Compounding
  • Pharmacy Law (at least one hour required)
  • Preparation of Sterile Products


R3 = – PDF ExCPT Pharmacy Technician National Healthcareer Association NHA Candidate Handbook

College Courses (R3)

Graduate CapAny college course in mathematics, life sciences or pharmaceutical sciences will also be accepted. Applicable college courses with a grade of “C” or better will also be eligible for CE credit at the rate of 15 CE hours for each a 3 credit-hour course offered on a semester basis (i.e., three hours a week for 15 weeks).

Courses offered on a quarter basis will be credited for 15 hours for a 4 credit-hour course (i.e., four hours per week for approximately 11 weeks). The maximum number of CE credits earned through college courses during a two-year period is 15. A college transcript is considered as the Certificate of Participation.

Update on Sep 30, 2015: According to Your CE Requirements: What Will Change in 2016?, effective January 1, 2016, PTCB will implement a change in continuing education (CE) recertification requirements for CPhTs that reduces the allowable number of CE hours earned via college/university courses from 15 to 10. Beginning in 2016, a maximum of 10 of your 20 CE hours may be earned by completing a relevant college course with a grade of ‘C’ or better.

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