Gregg Schwack of Fort Lee, New Jersey is suing Edgewater, NJ's CVS pharmacy for eye drops that allegedly burned his eyes and contained bleach. According to his lawyer, Rosemarie Arnold, the branded "CVS Redness Relief Eye Drops" have been sent out for testing but Gregg still has blisters and swelling in his eyes. Additionally, NBC 4 New York reports that Mr. Schwack is a consultant for Food Network and BravoTV and interviewed him and his lawyer in the video below.

 A quick search shows that the eye drops in question are manufactured by Altaire Pharmaceuticals, Inc., whom on September 06, 2013 issued a voluntary nationwide recall of their eye drops as stated in a firm press release by the U.S.Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

...based on our initial investigation, we have no reason to believe there is a risk for customers to continue using these products.
CVS Pharmacy
 Here is the location of the pharmacy courtesy of Google Maps:

 Here is a video of the incident courtesy of NBC 4 New York:

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