November 2015

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How to Start a Food Blog, Make Money and Be Successful!

How to Start a Food Blog, Make Money and Be Successful! Woo Hoo, you did it! You now have your food blog up and running!

December 2014

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Weekly Pharmacy Quiz 003

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Plastic Containers Dangerous to Pregnant Women, Here’s Why!

Chemical Structure Important Links CDC Phthalates Fact Sheet Wikipedia Phthalates Article CNN: Common Household Product Threat to Kids? PLOS One Research Article on Phthalates What to Avoid: Do not microwave food in plastics. Avoid scented products as much as possible, such as air fresheners & dryer sheets. Do [...]

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Religion vs Methadone: A Look Into Captive Rehabilitation Of Heroin Addicts In Myanmar

Signs and Symptoms of Heroin Abuse? Burned Silver Spoons Burned Aluminum Foil, Straws or Gum Wrappers Infections / Abscesses at Injection Site Extremities Appear Heavy Giving the Abuser a Saggy Appearance Constriction of the Pupils Shoelaces Missing ( Often Used as Tie-Off for Injection Sites ) Abuser Tends to Wear Long [...]

May 2014

  • Burned by Eye Drops

New Jersey Man Sues Edgewater CVS Pharmacy over Eye Drops Gregg Schwack Alleges Bleach Burn

Gregg Schwack of Fort Lee, New Jersey is suing Edgewater, NJ's CVS pharmacy for eye drops that allegedly burned his eyes and contained bleach. According...