November 2015

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How to Start a Food Blog, Make Money and Be Successful!

How to Start a Food Blog, Make Money and Be Successful! Woo Hoo, you did it! You now have your food blog up and running!

December 2014

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Plastic Containers Dangerous to Pregnant Women, Here’s Why!

Chemical Structure Important Links CDC Phthalates Fact Sheet Wikipedia Phthalates Article CNN: Common Household Product Threat to Kids? PLOS One Research Article on Phthalates What to Avoid: Do not microwave food in plastics. Avoid scented products as much as possible, such as air fresheners & dryer sheets. Do [...]

November 2014

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How to Get Into Pharmacy School! Guide to Applying to Pharmacy School

How To Get Into Pharmacy SchoolApplying To Pharmacy School Pharmacy School ExperienceGeneral Information on Pharmacy

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7 Unique Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar

Meet apple cider vinegar,your new best friend! 1. Sore Throat Anyone? 2. Whiten Your Teeth With Ease 3. Indigestion Correction! 4. Effective Skin Toner 5. Flea and Tick Repellent for Pets 6. Weight Loss 7. Dandruff Control