Links from the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP)

  1. Organizations Release New Tools For Reducing Medication Errors

  2. ISMP Links to Related Sites

  3. ISMP Positions & Viewpoints

  4. Risk Control Strategies for Reducing Patient Harm with HYDROmorphone

  5. ISMP Guidelines

  6. Guidelines for Preventing Medication Errors in Pediatrics

  7. ISMP ® Medication Safety Self Assessment ® for Community/Ambulatory Pharmacy

  8. Principles Of Designing A Medication Label For Community & Mail Order Pharmacy Prescription Packages

  9. PCA Drug Libraries: Designing, Implementing, & Analyzing CQI Reports to Optimize Patient Safety

  10. Effective Approaches to Standardization & Implementation of Smart Pump Technology

  11. ISMP Improving Medication Safety in Community Pharmacy: Assessing Risk & Opportunities for Change

  12. Root Cause Analysis Workbook for Community/Ambulatory Pharmacy

  13. ISMP's List of Products with Drug Name Suffixes

  14. ISMP Ambulatory Care Action Agendas

  15. Reporting a Medication or Vaccine Error or Hazard to ISMP

  16. RCA2: Improving Root Cause Analyses & Actions to Prevent Harm

  17. Throw Away Your Old Medicines Safely

  18. - Protect Yourself From Medication Errors

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