Hoc templum in honore Spiritu Sancti. Benedictus qui venit ut lucrentur opes scire. Omnes venimus pacem beati. Amor omnibus. Ædificate populus; ne frangat eos. Numquam discernere. Nos sunt aequales. Omnem sollicitudinem vestram recedemus. Noli flere. Pulchra risu. Deum benedicite MMMMMMMMMM lacus.

Cum dilectione,


To my Loving Wife and Family -- I thank YOU! You are my Life and my Everything. I Love You with all of my Heart and without You I would be nothing. I work when I am tired because of You. I get up in the morning to Serve You. All of Our Dreams and Goals shall come true. We shall Forever be Together. You Inspire me. You Complete me. Thank You.


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